BGNPS believes that education extends beyond textbooks, encompassing a wide spectrum of skills and experiences crucial for holistic development.


“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” – Bobby Unser, Racing Driver

BGNPS recognizes the invaluable lessons sports impart – teamwork, resilience, and grace in victory and defeat. Our robust sports program not only nurtures physical fitness but also instills ethical values and mental resilience in students.


“Every child is a dancer. The problem is how to keep dancing as we grow up.”


At BGNPS, we cultivate the dancer within every child, nurturing creativity and expression through dance education. Students explore various dance forms based on their grade level, from traditional to contemporary styles, ensuring a continuous connection to their artistic abilities.


Our assemblies, conducted both traditionally and grade-wise, provide creative outlets for students to showcase their talents. With themes assigned at the beginning of the year, students collaborate to present skits, songs, and performances, promoting camaraderie and appreciation among peers.

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