The Story Of BGNPS

A decade ago, BGNPS emerged with a visionary mission to redefine education, blending Indian ethos with modernity. Today, our institution stands tall as a nurturing sanctuary, fostering academic excellence and spiritual enlightenment.

As a beacon of educational excellence in Bangalore, BGNPS advocates ‘Innovation through Education,’ preparing students to become global citizens of tomorrow. Guided by our esteemed Management Committee, we are committed to transforming dreams into reality, one step at a time.

At the heart of BGNPS lies our dedicated faculty, igniting curiosity and innovation in every student. Our classrooms buzz with the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, where the Math Lab sparks real-life problem-solving, and Vedic studies impart timeless wisdom.

In our inclusive corridors, every child is granted equal opportunities, ensuring that talent knows no bounds. Scholarship programs champion the cause of every learner, irrespective of background or status.

Join us on a journey of discovery at BGNPS. Step into our classrooms, where innovation and inspiration await. Book a school tour today and embrace a community dedicated to nurturing minds, fostering innovation, and transforming lives. Welcome to the future of education. Welcome to BGNPS.

The BGNPS logo features a diya glowing brightly, symbolizing enlightenment, knowledge, and the guiding light of education. The diya represents the illumination of minds and the spirit of learning that illuminates the path to success. Its vibrant glow reflects the school’s commitment to nurturing bright minds and fostering a nurturing environment where students thrive and shine.

Our vision at BGNPS is to create a dynamic learning community where every individual is inspired to reach their full potential. We envision a future where our students embrace diversity, embody integrity, and contribute positively to society, guided by the light of knowledge and wisdom.

At BGNPS, our mission is to cultivate holistic development by providing a nurturing environment that fosters academic excellence, instills cultural values, and nurtures innovative thinking. We aim to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to become compassionate global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Founder's Message

“The vision behind BGNPS was born from a steadfast belief in providing equitable and quality education to every child, regardless of their background. Our mission is to cultivate a nurturing environment that nurtures holistic growth, values, and equips students for success in a fast-changing world. Education, to me, extends beyond academics to foster character, creativity, and critical thinking essential for life.

At BGNPS, we empower students with the tools to navigate challenges and contribute meaningfully to society, aiming for a brighter future together.”

Lt. Boralingaiah Gowdru

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Chairperson's Message

“As the Chairperson of BGNPS, I extend a warm welcome to all stakeholders who share our vision of holistic education. Our mission is to nurture every child’s potential, instill values, inspire innovation, and cultivate leadership qualities. We prioritize holistic development, integrating academic rigor with experiential learning and creative expression. Our dedicated faculty serves as mentors, guiding students on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

At BGNPS, we believe education is key to a brighter future, and our commitment to excellence and inclusivity drives us to create a dynamic learning community. Join us on a journey of discovery and success at BGNPS.”

Mrs. Roopa Nagaraj


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